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Thanks for checking in, I really appreciate it. My name is Aakash, and I‘m a Software Engineer from India.

About me

I am a Full Stack JavaScript Developer with 7 years of rich experience in developing Web Applications using Node and Angular. I am also experienced in developing Hybrid Mobile Applications using Ionic.

Apart from Web development, I have also worked on Content Management Systems using Oracle WebCenter Sites.

Why sponsor me?

First of all, my content will always be free. In fact, I don‘t create content to make money off it, I do it because I love creating things around topics I know well. I also enjoy sharing knowledge and putting stuff out there that genuinely helps people.

That being said, it still requires a lot of effort to continuously produce quality content. So if you get some value out of the things I publish, I‘d greatly appreciate a small contribution.

Either way, I hope you enjoy my blog. Thank you!

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