Create a pull request from a reverted remote branch

Recently I landed across the situation where I had made commits directly to dev branch (which happens to be our release branch) instead of feature branch.

The general process that is followed in my company (and perhaps many others) is that we make changes to our feature branch and raise a pull request against dev (release) branch which is then reviewed and finally merged.

Accidently I pushed commits directly to dev branch instead of feature branch & I quickly reverted those commits back by simple git command

git revert <revert-commit-hash>
git commit -m "reverting accidental commits"
git push

After that I quickly checked out to my feature branch, made those changes again, pushed all changes to feature branch. As per next step, I had to raise PR of my latest changes against dev branch, and when I did that, I got message:

There isn’t anything to compare.
dev is up to date with all commits from feature branch. Try switching the base for your comparison.

The problem here is dev branch is ahead of the feature branch (because of revert commit). You will notice that your previous work which was reverted will be gone! The solution to this is reverting the reverted commit!

I had to follow 4 steps to fix this problem which I read from this awesome article

Step 1: Create and checkout to a new branch tracking dev branch

git checkout -b temp-branch -t dev

Step 2: Revert the commit that was made by mistake (here commit will be reverted back from dev branch since our temp branch is tracking dev)

git revert <revert-commit-hash>
git commit -m "reverting the reverted commits"
git push -u origin temp-branch

Step 3: Checkout the original feature branch

git checkout feature-branch

Step 4: Raise PR against dev branch

git push -u origin feature-branch

Pictorial representation of scenarios discussed above:


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